The invention made by Robert Hüttl is a suit with 10 dynamic pads which allows you to really wear a complete e-drum set and play it just like a real one. The ergonomic placed pads make an easy playing possible without getting tired.  The signals are getting transmitted through a 10 m cable to a drum sound expander (Alesis, Roland, DDrum etc.). Up to 60 complete drum sets are pre programmable. Now it is also possible to transmit the signals by a self developed radio unit. The 10 pads on the suit give you the most creativity for choosing always the right sound for the right song.

It doesn’t matter if you are a drummer or percussion player, now you can come up front and be a part of the show.

For the completion of a drum set, there is also a bass drum module, which fits easy on any shoe. Just kick your heal down and you play the bass drum.

Because you can trigger any midi instrument with the drum suit, there are endless possibilities for your creativity.

 It’s ideal for a show band, the percussion player or the performer.

The Drum All Over drum suit is available in different designs and sizes!

NEW: The DRUM ALL OVER Drum suit for women! 

4 Pads  are placed on the dress for easy playing !